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Beautiful handmade knives from a Catalan artisan family business

Pallarès Solsona

Pallarès Solsona

Once upon a time in the Spanish region of Solsonès, with Solsona at its lively core, there was a vibrant knife industry. The only surviving remnant of this glorious era is the Pallarès family business, with over a century of experience in knife making.

The brothers Lluís and Carles Pallarès, both of them blacksmiths, started producing razors in 1917. Before long their products were known throughout Catalonia for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Later their reputation spread all over the peninsula and beyond. Old manufacturing techniques were refined and a more modern approach and availability of newer types of steel made it possible to produce an ever growing array of knives.

Nowadays the third generation is in charge of protecting the quality and reputation of their traditional brand and family name. New technologies are embraced, without ever losing sight of their artisanal skills. Many of their knives come in a stainless, as well as a carbon steel version. Their knife handles are made out of all kinds of beautiful wood types, the most common one being box wood, because of its strength and resistance to wear, while still being affordable.

Besides box wood they use rosewood, ebony, oak, palo violeta and olive wood, as well as other materials, like ox horn, ram horn, buffalo horn and more, most notably for their steak knives and folding knives, making each knife a unique piece of art. The knives from their Basic and Professional lines feature a comfortable non-slip synthetic handle, for heavy duty kitchen use, making them an excellent budget choice for culinary professionals.

In addition to knives they now also make various scissors, kitchen shears and garden tools.

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